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betting articlesWe know that lots of different people are interested in new betting sites and therefore we understand there is a range of experience for punters reading these pages.  Therefore, we try to publish articles that give genuine information and insights covering aspects that are useful to novices right up to professionals.

Our aim is never to patronise you, we are not trying to sell you anything and we do not try to push users into betting with certain brands.  We do not write these pages to sell or buy links and we only write articles that we believe are of real interest, not just those that get the most visitors.

The pages here are written for you, with the intention of informing you and helping you to get the best out of betting and gambling online, with new sites especially.  Whether you would like to understand the nitty gritty of how sportsbook platforms work or you simply want to know how new sites are launched and licensed, then we have you covered.  These pages are designed to help punters understand how the remote gambling industry works and how as a punter you can get the most out of a highly competitive landscape.

Betting FAQ

The world of online betting can be a confusing place and no mistake. If you are very new to it there is seemingly a whole... read more.

Why Do You Need To Verify Your Identity To Bet and Gamble?

It has become commonplace for online betting sites to ask users to verify their accounts before they're able to place bets, but why is that... read more.

Do You Pay Tax On Winning Bets?

Whether you're a seasoned bettor or only place a couple of wagers every now and then, it's entirely possible that you're not completely au fait... read more.

Can You Place A Bet Online When On Holiday Abroad?

This is a slightly tricky question to answer, for the simple reason that the answer is 'sometimes'. If a betting company has a licence to... read more.

Can You Bet With Foreign Betting Companies When Abroad?

Elsewhere on the site we've looked at whether you can place bets with your UK-based bookmaker when you're out of the country on holiday or... read more.

Are You Allowed To Bet Using A VPN?

If you’ve done any research into either cyber security or else placing bets when you’re in a foreign country then you’ll no doubt have seen... read more.

What Is The Deposit Protection Scheme and What Does It Mean For Player Funds If A Gambling Company Goes Bust?

There is an old saying in the world of betting that you never see a poor bookmaker. It’s not true, of course, but the idea... read more.

What Is The Betting and Gaming Council and What Do They Do?

Those who tend to place bets on a regular or even semi-regular basis will no doubt have a solid idea of who the United Kingdom... read more.

How To Make A Complaint Through IBAS

The Independent Betting Adjudication Service is designed to offer bettors an Alternative Dispute Resolution service, providing an impartial and informed adjudication on disputes that crop... read more.

Why Has Your Betting Account Been Limited?

It is not uncommon for bookmakers to limit or even close a betting account. There can be a host of reasons why they might do... read more.

What Is A Palpable Error In Betting?

The dictionary definition of the word palpable’ is that it’s something is ‘able to be touched or felt’. Another way of referring to a palpable... read more.

What Are White Labels and How Do They Work?

If you’ve spent any time at all in the world of online betting then you’ll doubtless have seen the term ‘white label’ used quite a... read more.

How Much Money Do The Betting Companies Make In A Year?

The top five betting companies in the United Kingdom are William Hill, Bet365, 888 Holdings, Flutter Stars Group, which owns the likes of Paddy Power... read more.

Can You Get A Refund If You Placed A Bet Accidentally?

There are a few reasons why someone might have placed a bet by accident. Perhaps they were trying to figure out how a new website... read more.

Can You Use Cash To Bet Online

Whether you’re doing your weekly shop via one of the big supermarkets’ websites, ordering something from the likes of Amazon or simply just buying yourself... read more.

Can You Get A Refund If You Are A Problem Gambler?

Problem gambling is a major issue for the betting industry and one that all companies are trying to find ways to solve. Those that need... read more.

What Happens To Money From UK Gambling Commission Fines?

It’s not uncommon for headlines involving gambling companies to talk about fines issues due to a transgression of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission rules and... read more.

Are Under 18's Allowed Into Casinos, Betting Shops Or Bingo Halls?

The rules around betting ages are easy enough to understand in the United Kingdom. Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to place... read more.

What Is Single and Multi-Wallet Betting? What Is The Difference?

When you sign up for a betting website you will have to add funds in order to be able to place bets. Initially these funds... read more.

What Are Category B2 and B3 Gaming Machines & FOBTs?

Gaming machines are a popular thing for punters to play on and a common form of regular income for bookmakers and other gambling enterprises. They’re... read more.

What Are Odds Traders And Can They Bet?

An Odds Trader, also sometimes referred to as an Odds Compiler, is someone that is employed by a bookmaker or a betting company in order... read more.

Can You Claim Back Gambling Tax From Other Countries?

In the United Kingdom, people who win money via gambling don’t have to pay tax on their winnings. That doesn’t mean that tax isn’t paid,... read more.

Related Contingencies In Betting, What Are They, How Do They Work?

If you’ve done even a small bit of betting over the years then there’s a good chance that you’ll have heard the phrase ‘related contingency’.... read more.

Do You Need To Submit A Tax Return For Gambling Winnings?

Gambling and tax is an interesting beast in the United Kingdom. In short, winners are not taxed on their winnings, so in theory there is... read more.

What Is The Difference Between A Bookmaker And A Betting Exchange?

If you’ve spent any time looking at online betting companies then you’ll doubtless have come across the idea of an Exchange at one time or... read more.

What Information Do Betting Companies Track and Why?

Betting companies need to track certain information of their customers for legal reasons, largely to ensure things like money laundering can’t take place. They also... read more.

Why Do Some People Pay Tax On Spread Betting?

The United Kingdom is known for its relaxed attitude towards betting, especially in terms of betting and gambling. Though tax is paid, it is done... read more.

What Is The Minimum You Can Bet?

Betting is a fascinating world to do research into for the simple reason that so many people behave differently when it comes to it. There... read more.

What Is The Maximum You Can Bet? Limits Can Vary By Sport or Event

Elsewhere on the site you’ll be able to read about the minimum amount that you can bet with bookmakers, so we won’t go over the... read more.

Can You Be Your Own Bookmaker And Take Bets Without A License?

Read anything about bookmakers operating in the UK and it won’t take long before you’ll see something regarding the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The industry’s... read more.

Can You Be Punished For Betting With An Unlicensed Betting Site?

As gambling legislation has become tougher, some gamblers have decided to turn away from the legal, licensed betting sites in the United Kingdom and instead... read more.

How Much Tax Do Betting Companies Pay?

Part of the reason why the United Kingdom is such an attractive place to bet is that the bettors themselves don’t have to pay tax... read more.

What Are Bet Builders And How Do They Work?

If you’ve spent any time looking at betting sites then you’ll doubtless have seen reference to Bet Builder tools. Bet Builders essentially do what they... read more.

What Is A Banker Bet? How To Use Bankers In Betting

Getting your head around the idea of a banker bet can put you in a situation where you can make a little bit more money... read more.

Who Controls The UK Gambling Commission?

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is responsible for the issuing of gambling licences to UK-facing businesses that want to offer gambling and betting services in... read more.

Why Can’t You Bet With A Credit Card?

At the start of 2020, it was confirmed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission that betting companies would no longer be allowed to accept funds... read more.

Can You Bet On Something Not To Happen?

The nature of betting is pretty simple, with punters selecting an outcome that they think will happen and putting money on it doing so with... read more.

How Do American Odds Work?

Elsewhere on this site you can read about decimal odds, which tend to be popular in Europe and the likes of Australasia and Canada. Americans,... read more.

How Do Decimal Odds Work?

For most British punters, odds are best understood as being fractional. It’s simple to work out that if something is 5/1 then for every £1... read more.

What Is A Handicap Bet?

There are numerous different types of bets that you can place when you’re looking to place a wager on an event. If you’re planning on... read more.

What Is An Asian Handicap Bet?

Elsewhere on the site you can read about Handicap betting in general, with this page being specifically about the type of bet that is known... read more.

Can Someone Give You Money To Bet With?

How many times in life might someone be in a situation where they are placing a bet on behalf of someone else? Perhaps you’re going... read more.

What Is A Lucky 15 and Full Cover Betting?

A Lucky 15 bet is part of the world of wagers known as ‘full cover’ bets. This is because you make a selection of four... read more.

What Are Weak Odds Lines?

In the world of betting, punters try to find every slight advantage that they can. Like it or not, the power all lies in the... read more.

Can You Sell A Bet?

Look at virtually any other form of risk in life, such as shares or debt, and you’ll find ways that you can sell that on... read more.

If Bookmakers Always Win, Why Do So Many Go Bust?

It is an adage as old as the profession of betting itself that the House always wins. It’s usually said in relation to casinos, of... read more.

When Should You Use Cash Out?

In the age of online betting, it has become more and more common for bookmakers to offer punters the ability to Cash Out their bets.... read more.

Why Can’t You Bet On Amateur Leagues & Sports?

There is a perception that you’re not allowed to bet on amateur sports or leagues within said sports. In reality, there is nothing illegal or... read more.

How To Calculate A Bookmakers Odds Margins

There’s a reason why a lot of people think that the ‘bookie always wins’. In short, it’s because every bet that you place has a... read more.

Why Are There So Many Gambling Companies In Gibraltar?

Take a look at where your favourite gambling company is based and there’s a very real chance that the answer will be Gibraltar. The offshore... read more.

Does Gambling Affect Your Credit Score?

One of the biggest concerns for people that enjoy betting is that doing so will affect their credit score. Having a good credit score is... read more.

Source Of Funds & Affordability Checks By Gambling Sites

If you were to buy a car or want to take out a mortgage, you’d completely understand why the car dealer or bank you were... read more.

Reasons Why Gambling Licenses Get Suspended Or Revoked

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is responsible for the issuing of gambling licences to companies that wish to offer their services people based in the... read more.

Can I Let Someone Else Use My Betting Account?

It’s common for people to want to place a bet, but not everyone has opened a betting account. When that is the case, they might... read more.

How Can You Limit Yourself From Betting?

Betting is a topic that will often be greeted with polarised opinions, with those that have suffered at the hands of a problem gambler being... read more.

What Is The Minimum Amount That You Can Deposit & Withdraw?

Every bookmaker has its own set of rules when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money from your account, though in truth most of them... read more.

What Is The Maximum Amount That You Can Deposit & Withdraw?

You can read about the minimum amount that bookmakers will allow you to deposit into and withdraw from your betting account elsewhere on this site.... read more.

Are Betting Syndicates Allowed?

The idea of joining others to form a betting syndicate and combining forces to take on the bookmakers is something of a grey area. They... read more.

Can You Claim Multiple Sign Up Offers From A Betting Site?

Sign up offers are one of the best ways that bookmakers have of bringing in new customers. Whether it be free bets, credit in their... read more.

What Are Wagering Requirements When Betting?

Bookmakers regularly have offers for punters to take advantage of, such as matching the deposit that you’ve made into your account with free bets or... read more.

Can You Ask For Your Own Odds When Betting Online?

The basic idea of a bookmaker is that they offer you odds on events that they’re covering and you can either take those odds or... read more.

Why Use An eWallet To Gamble?

Anyone who has more than a passing interesting in betting online will doubtless have heard of eWallets. Just because you’ve heard of something, though, doesn’t... read more.

What Does A Dead Heat Mean In Betting?

There’s something simultaneously satisfying and irritating about a bet that you’ve placed winning but only doing so because of a tie. On the one hand,... read more.

Can You Cancel A Bet After It Has Been Placed?

It’s not exactly unheard of for a punter to place a bet that is a mistake. How easy is it to stake £100 when you... read more.

What Are Forecast, Reverse Forecast & Tricast Bets?

The more that you get into the world of betting, the more that you’ll being to notice certain bet types that stray from the more... read more.

Can You Bet Banned From A Betting Site For Winning?

It’s something that bookmakers don’t exactly advertise and for very good reason, but it’s not unheard of for customers to have their accounts limited or... read more.

What Are Conditional Bets?

In the world of betting, Conditional Bets are those that bookmakers don’t tend to offer on an obvious basis. You’re unlikely to find them on... read more.

What Is Arbing In Betting?

A shortening of the word ‘arbitrage’, Arbing basically means taking advantage in a difference in odds offered on an event by bookmakers, backing alternate outcomes... read more.

Are Virtual Sports Fixed? Are They Fair? Are They Good Value?

The world of virtual sports has taken off in recent years, with the likes of football, horse racing and tennis available to watch in a... read more.

Should You Keep Money In A Betting Account?

Plenty of people have a good grasp of what’s in their betting account, depositing and withdrawing money as necessary in order to allow them to... read more.

What Happens If A Free Bet Is Voided?

The vast majority of punters have been in the situation where they’ve had a bet made void for one reason or another, but that can... read more.

What Is Fantasy Sports Betting?

The idea of fantasy sports betting is something that has been around for many years, gaining popularity in the United States of America.  It has... read more.

What Is Spread Betting?

When the word ‘betting’ is included in something, it’s easy to presume that the activity includes some sort of wagering on an event. Whilst that... read more.

What Can’t You Bet On?

In the era of mobile betting and gambling firms having a presence on social media, it’s easy to assume that there are no limits to... read more.

How To Avoid Getting A Betting Account Closed

It’s a sad reality of the modern betting world in the United Kingdom that bookmakers and online casinos will limit, or even close, the accounts... read more.

Reasons Why Bets Are Made Void

There are all sorts of reasons why a bet might be made void, such as an event not taking place as it was supposed to... read more.

Why Is It Better To Complain To A Betting Company Through Social Media?

It’s not uncommon for something to go wrong during an interaction with a company. Whether it be the delivery driver that doesn’t bother knocking on... read more.

Types Of Betting Insurance From Bookmakers

Betting companies are constantly looking for ways to entice customers and to maintain the loyalty of those that are already signed up with them. One... read more.

What Are The Fastest Withdrawal Options When Betting Online?

There are all sorts of things that people will weigh up when considering which companies to bet with. Obviously those that offer the best odds... read more.

Can You Complain To The UK Gambling Commission?

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, often referred to simply by its acronym of the UKGC, is the governing body for betting and gambling in the... read more.

Can You Claim Betting Shop Winnings Online?

In the modern era, more and more people are turning to online bookmakers in order to place bets on any number of events. Whether you’re... read more.

Can A Bookmaker Refuse To Pay A Winning Bet?

When most people place a bet, they don’t think about the legal ramifications of doing so. It doesn’t occur to some that they’re actually entering... read more.

Can You Take A Betting Company To Court?

People are naturally rather cynical, so it’s little surprise that many don’t trust bookmakers, casinos and betting companies in general. Unfortunately, not trusting them isn’t... read more.

Is There A Time Limit On Claiming Winning Bets?

In the modern world, everyone has busy lives filled with work, sports to watch and friends to see socially. As a result, it’s not unusual... read more.

What Are Non-Runners and What Is Rule 4 In Racing

In the world of betting, there are few things as frustrating as spending time doing your research about which horse to bet on, find the... read more.

What Does Best Odds Guaranteed Mean?

Betting is always a risky business, with everyone accepting that they stand to lose their stake money if the bet that they’ve placed doesn’t come... read more.

Why Are Exchange Odds Better Than Fixed Odds?

Since Betfair’s launch in 2000, betting exchanges have grown in popularity. There are numerous reasons for this, including the fact that they allow you to... read more.

What Happens To Dormant Betting Accounts & Funds?

The fact that we all enjoy a wager or two means that we can often be tempted to open several different betting accounts. In fact,... read more.

What Is Processing Time / Pending Period When Making A Withdrawal?

Whenever you make a withdrawal from your betting account, you’ll find that it takes time before the money reaches your account. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t something... read more.

What Are Suspicious Betting Patterns?

When it comes to suspicious betting patters often bookies can’t win no matter what they do. They obviously can’t allow people to place bets that... read more.

Do You Need A Bank Account To Bet Online?

Online betting has become more and more popular as an activity, but not everyone will feel as though they’re able to enjoy it. There are... read more.

Can You Reverse A Withdrawal?

It’s not uncommon for people to ask for funds to be withdrawn from their betting account and then to change their mind and want to... read more.

What Is Ante-Post Betting?

If you’re relatively new to the world of betting, you might have seen the phrase ‘ante-post’ used from time to time and not really know... read more.

Why Do Betting Sites Limit Accounts By IP Address Or Household?

There are a myriad of ways that betting companies attempt to keep track of who it is that is signing up to use their services.... read more.

GDPR Rules For Betting Companies

The launch of the General Data Protection Regulation by the European Union was something that made complete sense, yet at the same time ended up... read more.

Are Gambling Contracts Legally Enforceable?

There will be a good chunk of people that are totally unaware of the fact that when they place a bet with a bookmaker or... read more.

What Is The Starting Price?

Those without a huge experience of the world of betting will doubtless have read about the Starting Price in relation to horse racing, but that... read more.

What Is The Betfair Starting Price?

Elsewhere on this site you can read about the Starting Price, which is an industry standard term that refers to the price available to bet... read more.

Can You Bet Without ID?

The very nature of betting is such that plenty of people will be keen to get involved with placing bets in an anonymous manner. In... read more.

What Is A Personal Gambling Licence?

Most people that have a small amount of information about the world of gambling will know that any operator offering such an activity to people... read more.

How Is Gambling Regulated On Cruise Ships?

Anyone that has ever been on a cruise will doubtless have come across an area of the ship where they were able to gamble. Some... read more.

How To Become an Odds Trader & How Much Do They Earn?

If you’re on this site then there’s a very good chance that you place bets every now and then. You’ll know that bookmakers are the... read more.

Can You Bet On The Weather?

Whether you think the fact that the proliferation of online betting allows people to bet on virtually anything is a good or a bad thing... read more.

Accas vs Full Cover Bets: Which Is Better?

When it comes to placing bets on numerous different outcomes, there are a couple of options open to you. Accumulators are the bets that most... read more.

Can You Bet If You Are In Jail Or Prison?

Whilst the number of people in prison for committing gambling related crimes will obviously be lower than those that are in there for other reasons,... read more.

Is Loss Aversion Good or Bad In Betting?

Loss aversion is, as the title suggestions, the desire to avoid losing. It is a common psychological behaviour, given that people don’t want to lose... read more.

Restricted WiFi When Betting At Racecourses, Football & Other Events

Most people that bet tend to have a favourite bookmaker. There can be numerous reasons for this, including the idea that they get better value... read more.

Should You Trust Enhanced Odds From Betting Sites?

Whether a bookie refers to them as enhanced odds, a price boost, flash odds or a super boost, the practice of offering customers a deal... read more.

Betting Sites For Ex-Pats and Brits Abroad

Most people dream of one day living in a foreign country, perhaps because of the weather or maybe on account of the fact that the... read more.

What Is A Balanced Book In Betting?

You’ll often hear that bookmakers are seeking to ‘balance the book’, but what does this actually mean? In short it is where a bookmaker will... read more.

Reading Betting Site Terms and Conditions

When was the last time you actually read the small print in a document? Unless you’re a solicitor or a sadist, the chances are slim... read more.

Why Can’t You Sell or Transfer A Betting Account?

In most industries, you can sell or transfer things in your name provided both you as the seller and the buying party meet certain criteria.... read more.

What Is The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA)?

In the world of betting, there will always be people keen to be engaged in nefarious methods of winning themselves money. Whether it be bribing... read more.

Should You Bet If You Have Inside Information?

We know that insider information is not something that you can use to your advantage in the world of betting, such is the extent to... read more.

How To Fill Out A Betting Slip

The proliferation of online betting companies is such that many young people will only ever have experienced placing a wager online. Doing this is nice... read more.

What Is A Cover Bet?

Bookmakers will regularly offer promotions that promise you something like your stake money back should the horse that you’ve placed a wager on come 2nd... read more.

What Is A Win 1-2-3 Bet?

Bookmakers exist in an extremely competitive market. They are always trying to come up with ways to get one over on one another in the... read more.

What Are Betting Concessions? Are They Different To Offers?

In the world of betting, punters should always be on the lookout for any edge that they can get over the bookmaker. The reason it... read more.

Can You Bet And Cash Out On Live Horse Races In-Play?

In years gone by, In-Play betting on the likes of football or rugby was possible, but the technology wasn’t good enough to allow you to... read more.

True Odds vs Implied Odds, What Is The Difference?

Bookmakers have margins cut into their odds, which is how they are pretty much able to guarantee themselves a profit. These odds are often referred... read more.

Where Can You Gamble? Places That Provide Betting & Gambling

The vast majority of people like to have a flutter every now and then. Even those that don’t bet will often place a wager on... read more.

Why Do Big Bets Move Odds Prices?

If you’re a sports bettor, you’ll know that markets are driven by their odds. When you visit a sportsbook, you see the odds on the... read more.

What Is The Difference Between Matchplay And Strokeplay Golf?

Elsewhere on this site you can read about foursome and fourball golf, as well as the difference between the two ways of playing the game.... read more.

What Are Foursomes, Threeballs And Fourballs In Golf?

There are certain aspects of different sports that can be difficult to get your head around if you don’t tend to either play them or... read more.

Bets You Should Avoid Because They Have No Edge

When punters look at bets that they want to place, the sensible ones know that the bets to keep an eye out for are the... read more.

What Is Mug Betting?

For betting sites, the worst possible thing is when a punter has done their research and knows information on the topic that they’re betting on.... read more.

Winning Bets Are Not Always Good Bets & Losing Bets Are Not Always Bad Bets

For an inexperienced bettor, the idea is that you just want to win bets. There is little thought or planning put into the bets that... read more.

Are Free Betting Games Really Free?

Everyone loves getting something for free. Whether it be a food sample when you’re wandering around a shop or a lucky dip when your lottery... read more.

How Many Betting Accounts Do People Have On Average?

A large chunk of the British public loves placing a bet. As the proliferation of online betting companies became a real thing, more and more... read more.

How Do Betting Companies Spot Potential Gambling Harm?

The true downside of online betting’s proliferation is the extent to which it has resulted in some people developing unhealthy relationships with gambling. The United... read more.

Why Professional Gamblers Rarely Take Risks

For many people, gambling is seen as a form of entertainment. We can debate the merits of this approach as much as we like, but... read more.

What Is Considered A Responsible Amount To Bet?

Look on any betting website or in a bookmaker’s shop and you will see references to ‘responsible gambling’ everywhere you look. In one sense, this... read more.

What Is The Purpose Of Gambling?

If you’re visiting this site and reading this page, there is a good chance that you have either placed a bet in the past or... read more.

What Is Stake Factoring In Betting?

Mention to your average casino or sportsbook visitor the idea that the House always wins and there will be a general acceptance that that is... read more.

What To Do If You've Lost Your Bet Slip

If you like a flutter, the chances are that you’ll have done so in person at least once or twice in your life. Whether you’ve... read more.

What Happens To Bets On Fixed Events?

It is one of the tragedies of modern life that people will fix events in their favour if there is an opportunity to do so.... read more.

What Bets Do Own Goals Count In?

For those that like football and placing a wager on it, own goals can cause mass confusion. There are some markets in which own goals... read more.

Difference Between Betting Limits, Payout Limits and Withdrawal Limits

If we’re honest, not everyone reads the terms & conditions of most things, let alone those supplied by bookmakers. A quick look at the small... read more.

Is Extra-Time Included For Goalscorer Bets?

If you’ve considered placing a bet on a goalscorer, such as on who will score first or on a player to score at any time... read more.

What Happens To Unclaimed Bets And Winnings?

Most of us know when we’ve placed a bet and what it is that we’ve bet on. Those of us that place occasional wagers on... read more.

How Many People Does The UK Gambling Industry Employ And Where?

The gambling industry involves a myriad of different jobs. Some people are employed directly and obviously, such as those that work in betting shops, whilst... read more.

Is Placing A Bet For Someone Else Allowed?

The practice of proxy betting, in which you place a bet on someone else’s behalf, is not technically illegal, but most betting companies do not... read more.

Retail Voucher And Gift Card Withdrawals From Betting Sites

It is becoming more and more common for companies to offer you the chance to withdraw your money in the form of vouchers for other... read more.

Can You Withdraw A Deposit Without Betting?

It is common for bookmakers to put forward promotions and features that require you to either make a deposit or else have money in your... read more.

Proof of Address Without Bills In The UK

If you have ever signed up to an online gambling platform in the United Kingdom, then you will also likely be familiar with the verification... read more.

What Is Spot-Fixing & What Happens To Bets?

If you read newspapers or watch the news, there’s a very good chance that you’ll have heard the term ‘spot-fixing’ at one point or another.... read more.

Should You Request Your Own Or Build Your Own Bets?

Whether you logon to your betting app, follow the company on social media or just happen to catch an advert that they’ve paid to have... read more.

Can You Withdraw When Using A Betting Site Bonus?

Bookmakers and betting sites are always looking for ways of encouraging punters to sign up with them. One of the most common methods of achieving... read more.

Can You Withdraw From A Betting Site If Your Card Expires Or Changes?

There are many benefits to using online bookmakers and betting sites. For starters, they are convenient insomuch as you can play anywhere and at any... read more.

What Are Closed-Loop Payments When Betting?

Elsewhere on this site you’ll be able to read about what happens if a card you’ve got registered with a betting company has expired, making... read more.

Why Do Minimum & Maximum Deposits Vary By Payment Method?

Those of us that like to have a flutter will usually make deposits into our bank accounts in order to put ourselves in a position... read more.

Do Betting Companies Have To Pay Out By Law?

When you’re placing a bet, you might well do so entirely in good faith. You will likely place your bet, assuming that, if it is... read more.

Do Betting Companies Perform Credit Checks?

If you’ve signed up to a betting company, you might be concerned about what this means for your credit score. As you will probably know,... read more.

Do Betting Sites Get Hacked?

Like anything in the world of online websites, betting sites are liable to being hacked by unscrupulous characters as anywhere else. Of course, when you... read more.

Are Betting Site Maximum Withdrawal Limits Allowed?

If you have ever been a member of an online casino or sportsbook, then you may also be privy to the fact that many of... read more.

Do Betting Companies Share Information?

If you’ve spent any time whatsoever looking at the world of betting, you’ll no doubt be aware that certain companies are owned by a larger... read more.

Why Don’t All Betting Sites Offer PayPal As A Payment Method?

Few things revolutionised the world of online banking quite like the launch of PayPal. The online payment system was launched with its current name in... read more.

Why Do Bookmakers Suspend Betting Markets?

For those that like to bet In-Play, the notion of betting being suspended is nothing new. Bookmakers are always looking to protect themselves from exposure,... read more.

What Is Gubbing & Why Do Bookies Gub?

Over time, different generations come up with terms to describe things that happen. In the past, people would simply have said that their bookmaker had... read more.

Why Do Bookies Pay Out Early?

If you haven’t experienced a bookmaker paying out early for yourself, you’ll doubtless have read about the phenomenon at some point or another. Sometimes it... read more.

Do Betting Exchanges Reflect Public Opinion Better Than Polls?

Imagine a jar that is filled with sweets. If you ask two people how many sweets are in the jar, you’re likely to get wildly... read more.

Do Betting Sites Track I.P. Addresses?

It is standard practice for betting sites to keep a note of a user’s I.P. address. Though this might seem a little ‘Big Brother’, the... read more.

How Do Bookmakers Know If You Are Arbing?

Arbitrage betting, more commonly referred to simply as ‘arbing’, is something that bettors have taken from the world of retail and stock markets. When it... read more.

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