BetVictor Parimatch White Label

BetVictor Take Parimatch Under Their Wing For UK Launch

You have probably never heard of Parimatch, we hadn’t, but if you lived in or around Russia it would definitely be on your radar.

It does big business in that part of the world, and now it seems as though Parimatch want a share of the UK market, as they have struck up an interesting and unusual partnership with none other than BetVictor.

Companies link up like this all the time in order to take advantage of each others’ strengths, share resources and cut costs etc, but Parimatch will be operating as a white label of BetVictor, and that is not something BV have ever done before.

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Who are Parimatch?

Parimatch Awards

Operating since 1994, Parimatch was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine (where gambling has only just been legalised), although they are now officially based in Cyprus.

These days, the award winning company operates both on the high street and online in more than 10 countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. All countries in the CIS region, which is essentially the old Soviet Republic.

They offer a casino, live casino, sports betting, sport poker (what on earth is that!?), virtuals, and more, but are best known as a sportsbook.

They seem keen on a lot of combat sports as you might expect given their current customer base, so UFC and boxing feature heavily on the site, but they cover everything an average UK punter would want except horse and greyhound racing – this may well be added for UK customers though given the link to BetVictor.

Parimatch leicetserThe company are certainly planning on making their mark in the UK, having already signed deals to become Everton and Leicester’s official betting partner, and to feature on Leicester’s training kit as well. This sort of financial investment is a real statement of intent and also evidence of the resources they have available, which a brand new company would struggle to achieve.

Safe to say you will be seeing a lot of them this season.

Why Are Parimatch Working with BetVictor?

Shake hands

Being such a well established brand with their own technological capabilities it may seem odd for Parimatch to become a white label of anyone, let alone BetVictor who have always operated independently and alone in the past.

Well, we can’t explain why BetVictor have suddenly decided to open as a white label provider – perhaps it’s a one time deal and Parimatch will return the favour when BetVictor make a move into the CIS market – but Parimatch’s objectives are a little easier to unpick.

It takes time and money to get a UK gambling license, and they have no knowledge or experience in the UK market either. BetVictor have this in spades, and because they have no other white labels to deal with Parimatch will be getting their undivided attention.

BetVictor are also set up with regulatory, compliance, and payment procedures for this region, not to mention their streaming licenses and odds traders who know the UK market inside out. That’s a serious advantage for any new brand, let alone one that is a contender in their own right.

Parimatch are no fledglings, so will no doubt learn quickly.

When Can I Check Out Parimatch?

Parimatch Coming Soon

There’s not long to wait, just six days from the date of this blog post and counting.

We will publish a review onsite once they are up and running too, so you can check that out first if you would rather we do all the digging for you!