Closed Betting Sites

The gambling market in the UK is the most fiercely competitive in the world and that naturally means not everyone makes it in the long term.  As we are primarily focused on new sites here it means a fair few of the brands we have listed in the past have since closed or left the UK market.

This has been compounded in recent years due to factors such as increased rules around regulation, responsible gambling and verification along with higher taxation rates for operators.  The list below shows sites that have closed or left the UK with reasons why.


Operated by:
Tonybet OÜ

22Bet closed to UK customers on 1st September 2020.  From this point on you can only register if you are outside the UK.

22Bet Summary

It’s refreshing when a new bookie comes along with its own style instead of just slapping their branding on the same old site as everyone else. 22Bet haven’t exactly broken the mold with theirs - it’s similar to others from Tonybet’s roster - but it still makes a change to the norm, and you can get pretty much anywhere on site within a few clicks.

22Bet are keen on the promotions, and although the casino outranks the sportsbook here, the sports promotions are interesting and tend to align with sporting competitions of the moment - it’s a good sign of things to come.

There are thousands of daily markets to explore across more than 50 regions, so if there is a fixture happening and you know about it, chances are that 22Bet will have odds available for it. This is good stuff from a bookie that is barely a year old.

Those of you that like to do your research and crunch some data will be happy with the statistics tool at 22Bet. There’s a lot of useful info in there allowing you to really hone in on your selections and learn a bit more about the team or player you are betting on. This is useful if you want to expand your activity into markets you haven’t bet on before.

Perhaps most importantly of all, there is a double whammy here in that the odds at 22Bet are high across the board and the withdrawal time frames are relatively fast. Combine this with an ever-growing number of markets and you have a serious contender on your hands.


Operated by:

Mobilebet and sister brand ComeOn exited the UK market in 2019 in light of higher taxes and regulation.

Mobilebet Summary

This is one for punters who prefer to wager here, there and everywhere rather than sitting down for a dedicated period of time at a desktop computer. The clue is in the name with Mobilebet – it is designed first and foremost for mobile phones and tablets, and it is one of the market leaders in this area.

If ever proof were needed that the betting experience needs not be diminished by using an app it is here. The app has everything you would expect from a comprehensive desktop site and it is nice and easy to use too.

Not that the desktop site has been neglected; both products contain a shed load of sports and betting options, and those of you that are familiar with ComeOn may get a feeling of de ja vu - Mobilebet is their sister company, both being owned and operated by Co-Gaming Ltd of Malta and run on the SBTech platform; another sign of quality.

Mobilebet also operate a reward scheme which makes up for their limited selection of promotions, awarding points for activity, even just for logging in each day, which can then be traded for bonus enhancements and free bets. This actually makes things simpler than messing about with individual offers for specific sports or events.

There are around 35 sports on the list most days, and that includes all of the usual suspects, but where else could you bet on Headis? What do you mean you have never heard of it? If table tennis and football spent a clumsy night together, Headis would be the result. Give it a watch, it’s hilarious.

Premier Punt

Operated by:
Incentive Group Limited

Premier Punt were part of the Incentive Group and went insolvent in March 2020.  The brand was converted from a fantasy sports site to a sportsbook but failed to gain enough traction.

Premier Punt Summary

For a newer betting site Premier Punt has a lot of great betting features that punters enjoy using, which sees the company leap frogging ahead of some of their similarly aged competition.

A bet builder, cash out, and fast markets all help to give the brand a more fully rounded package to offer new customers - alongside their welcome offer. Promotions aren’t exactly plentiful, but there are daily price boosts alongside one or two other existing customer offers than can be used to get more out of your bet.

They have chosen to work with the celebrated SBTech as their platform provider which means that in-play betting is a real treat here. Alongside developing what I think is the best match graphic in the industry, SBTech are also responsible for some of the most popular sports betting innovations which you can also enjoy at Premier Punt.

Despite having a lot to offer, the website is kept simple in design and layout making it accessible to anyone old or new to sports betting, and of course, Incentive Group Ltd are fully licensed and regulated in the UK. In fact, Victor Chandler of BetVictor fame is one of their advisors so they are unlikely to fall foul of naivety or inexperience.

From interesting beginnings as a fantasy football betting website, Premier Punt have developed quickly to become a company that offers a sportsbook to match much bigger rivals, as well as having their fingers in many other interesting pies.


Operated by:
Bethard Group Limited

Bethard exited the UK Market in June 2020 citing 'strategic reasons'.  This boils down to the fact they were unable to make enough money in the UK compared to other markets and did not like the tougher regulation and higher taxation rates brought in 2019.

Bethard Summary

The nice thing about Bethard is that they were set up by a group of real online gambling enthusiasts, so they understand things from the punter's point of view and not just from the bookies'.

That might explain why they opted to use the SB Tech platform to build their site, it really is one of the most user-friendly interfaces in existence and offers a huge and diverse range of betting features, bet types, and sports markets that Bethard are happy to take advantage of. At this bookie you can bet on football from around 60 countries worldwide, tennis, American sports, even odd sports like bandy are listed.

The fantasy football feature will appeal to many sports fans, and features you would expect to see like live betting, statistics, and cash out are all available too and handled with panache.

The promotions seem to favour the casino over the sportsbook, but they have enlisted the help of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to help promote the brand, so there is no concern over their commitment to sports betting, and their commitment to their customers is equally evident based on their 24/7 customer support service.

This is a fun and complete bookie with great potential, and certainly worth a few moments of your time.


Operated by:
Mustard Systems Limited
Mustard Systems (Independent)

MustardBet closed in October 2019, the UK focused brand failed to achieve enough market share and only lasted two years.

MustardBet Summary

Simplicity is the key over at MustardBet. Their website is devoid of any impressive visuals, graphics, promotional banners or anything like that – but then that is the way it is supposed to be.

This is a betting platform that isn’t trying to wow its customers, rather it just wants to make it as easy as possible for them to get their bet on. This site will no doubt appeal to the unfussy bettors among you, as long as you like betting on the most popular sports.

There are only 12 different categories on the sports list here, and while it would be easy to see this as a negative, if you are someone who only bets on football and tennis and tends to stick to the bigger fixtures then this site will make your life a heck of a lot easier than those hosting thousands of sports and markets to search through.

Navigation is all handled using the sports list with various drop downs filtering the sports by country, then league/competition, then showing specific fixtures. The main bulk of screen real estate isn’t really put to use until you open your event and start looking for bets to make.

The site works best and feels more complete on mobile actually, which I have a suspicion it was truly built for. The no frills approach improves the handling of the site no end and you can whip from one fixture to another in no time.

You can bookmark specific leagues etc to make things even quicker, but this isn’t a place to come for promotions. Saying that they handle their odds themselves so can offer good value at base level without needing to complicate things with free bets, bonuses, and other promo’s.


Operated by:
Argyll Entertainment AG

GiveMeBet was a spin off of Sport Nation, part of the Argyll group.  Set up in 2018 it was closed in early 2020 due to costs.

GiveMeBet Summary

Apart from sounding like a bit of a tantrum, GiveMeBet is a new stripped back sportsbook with a youthful feel from a promising parent company.

Market range here is very good for a smaller bookie, with more than 30 different sports available to bet on and some scattered daily specials to beef them up. Market depth is a little on the light side, however, so it’s not the busiest of books as of yet, but there is plenty of potential.

Barely a year old and they already have a decent amount of live betting going on, plus cash out and fast markets to go with it. This shows willing and makes the in play area a fun place to be – fast markets can really set the pulse racing during an important fixture.

It’s an extremely user-friendly site too with a thoroughly modern interface that will be familiar to most. This familiarity could be seen as a negative or a positive I suppose, but for me it keeps the site clean and my eye naturally knows where to look to find what I’m after.

As you might expect from a new online bookie, the support hours are a little limited at 12:00 – 22:00 daily, but then again, since GiveMeBet are a UK facing company this should enshroud the majority of local fixtures.

There is a lot of work still to be done here - more payment options would be a good place to start - but GiveMeBet are progressing at a steady pace. A good framework is in place and with a few more regular customer promotions and a healthier market stock this could be a very popular site with a new generation of bettors.


Operated by:
Addison Global Limited

MoPlay owners, Addison Global Ltd, went insolvent in early 2020.  You can read more about the closure and the reasons why on our blog page.

If there was a university degree course in launching a new sportsbook then the guys behind MoPlay should teach it - even though this is their first attempt. This is arguably the best new betting site to hit the internet in years.

It's built on the SBTech platform, which in my opinion is the best of the bunch, and they have opted to include virtually every extra feature on offer. That means that MoPlay not only pushes to the head of the pack of the new breed of online bookies, but there is not a great deal to separate them from some of the real old hands either.

So what have they got? Well, a list of around 35 sports with great depth of market is a good start, interesting and wide-ranging offers along with odds upgrades, plus live betting with cash out, a bet builder, and plenty of fast markets available. The only thing missing is live streaming, but the way things are looking it won't take them long to bolt this feature on.

This is a truly modern bookie and as such their mobile game is strong - in fact, the 'Mo' in MoPlay is a nod to this if you hadn't already guessed. The mobile app is almost flawless, easy and fun to use and built with the user in mind, and the mobile optimised website works equally well.

I'm not usually so gushy about new bookies, but MoPlay have managed to stand out from the get-go and for all the right reasons. If you consider yourself to be a bettor of the modern age then you need to have a look at MoPlay. Oh, and they are also the global betting partner of Manchester United already. No biggie.

Royal Panda

Operated by:
Royal Panda Malta

After many successful years in the UK and with a very loyal customer base Royal Panda took the decision to leave the UK market in early 2020.

This was largely due to LeoVegas purchasing Royal Panda and not wanting to compete with similar brands in the same market.

Royal Panda Summary

You’ve got to give it to Royal Panda, they are an independent company making waves in a crowded industry, and although they are probably better known as an online casino thanks to their furry black and white mascot, they also operate a top-notch sports book.

This came along only 3 years after their initial launch as a casino in 2014, and coincided with a 3-year deal to sponsor QPR football club, clearly marking their arrival on the sports betting scene.

They worked with BetConstruct to provide their sportsbook interface, and while it functions slightly differently to what regular sports bettors might be used to, it is just as effective a product, and comes with some great live in-play betting features, such as a multi-view option, live streaming, cash out, and a bet builder.

This is a powerful site with lots of components, and the deeper you go into it the more complicated it becomes, but while there is a slight learning curve the payoff is well worth it, allowing the punter to handle multiple facets of their betting activity at the same time without having to go backwards and forwards from one page to another.

Promotions for the sportsbook can be scarce, but they are always more inventive than the competition, and they sometimes run best price offers on sports that aren’t usually associated with this sort of offer. Plus, the loyalty scheme isn’t restricted to bonuses and free bets, there are physical rewards such as clothing and high end electronics.


Operated by:
Incentive Group Ltd

21Bet have in fact now closed twice.  In their first iteration they were an FSB white label, launching in 2016, and closing in early 2019.

The brand was bought by the Incentive Group and moved to the SB Tech platform.  The Incentive group then also went out of business in 2020 taking 21Bet and sister brands Premier Punt and BetSid with it.

21Bet Summary

It can be difficult to make an impact as a new bookmaker in a sea of pre-existing household names, but 21Bet don’t seem to be phased by that, and so long as you aren’t wedded to the idea of a dedicated mobile app, they could be worth adding to your portfolio.

The company managed to sign up more than 20,000 new customers in its first six months of business, helped no end by a 3 year sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers, but still, that’s one way to make an impact as a new bookie.

You can regularly choose between 30+ different sports and the number of pre-event markets available at any one time climbs into the 10’s of thousands; this shows some serious chops for a fledgling bookie.

Eagle eyed darts bettors can often find some very attractive prices here, while those that bet on football and tennis are also in for rewarding odds on popular fixtures. The winning cap of £100,000 could put off those of you that like to play with huge stakes but the average joe can enjoy these odds worry free.

With a few years under their belt 21Bet have been able to prove their worth by utilising most of the great features that industry veterans promote, as well as proving that they can be trusted by paying out before anyone else on Wolves winning the EFL Championship in 2018.