Lost Phone

Phantom Punter Wins £650 for Owner of Lost Phone

This is an incredible story.

It’s got a bit of everything; some tragedy, some mystery, and a happy ending.

Have you ever lost your phone? Be it in the pub, at work, on the bus, or anywhere in public where you might quite rightly hold very little hope of every seeing it again.

Well if, by some miracle, a good Samaritan had not only found it but also handed it in to the place you called back into to look for it, you would consider yourself pretty lucky right?

Well, 52 year old Christopher Dennis got lucky and then some, because not only did he lose his phone and get it back, but whoever found it had logged onto his betting account, and won him £650.

Lost Phone on Big Night Out

HangoverI’m not condoning it, but Christopher Dennis had enjoyed a pretty boozy night out with his pals in early January, and during the course of the evening, he lost his phone.

Not that he can remember how of course.

He didn’t even realise it was gone until he woke up the next morning – probably with a mouth as dry as a flip flop in the desert – and couldn’t find it anywhere.

He called the pub he had been patronising to see if his phone had been handed in (not sure how, since he didn’t have his phone…), and was told it wasn’t there.

No doubt writing it off as gone forever, sitting on a shelf in a Cash Converters somewhere, Chris needed to let it go.

But being the lad that he is, Chris was back in his favourite boozer 3 days later, the Champion of the Thames in Cambridge, and asked in person just on the off chance.

To his delight, his phone was now behind the bar waiting for him, although it was dead, but still, happy days – his formerly stolen phone was back in his possession.

14 bets by Phantom Bettor

Mystery ManOnce Chris recharged his phone he ending up on his betting account, and to his amazement, he was £650 up!

Someone, assumedly the person who found his phone, had logged onto his phone and opened his betting account, then placed 14 different bets.

They even kept hold of the phone while the games were being played because a few of the bets were cashed out to lock in some early wins. They had enjoyed a really good session.

Whoever it was must have been some sort of betting genius judging by the results, and Chris is even offering to give them £300 of the winnings as a thank you.

No one has come forward as of yet.

It’s a cracking yarn but Chris was lucky in more ways than one.

As he said himself:

“I’ve learned my lesson though – I really need to set the lock on my phone, otherwise this could have ended up very differently.”

It’s true.

He didn’t have any sort of lock on his phone or on his betting app by the looks of it, and the phantom punter could well have taken advantage of that.