Betting Platforms

platformsMost new betting companies do not create their own sites from scratch like in the early days of online bookmaking.  Back then to create a new brand required them to build an entirely bespoke platform, populate it with odds and features, provide payment systems, customer services, etc.   They would then need a lot of staff and resources to manage the product.

As you can imagine that costs a lot of money, which is why for a long time the number of sites you could bet with were fairly limited.  That was until third party platforms appeared offering a managed solution where they would provide the basic infrastructure and then the betting company could choose how independent they wanted to be.

The ability to use a third-party platform has produced an explosion of new betting sites in recent years.  The lower start-up costs, reduced staff requirements and out-of-the-box ready nature made access to the remote gambling industry far easier for start-ups, existing casino brands, independent high street bookies and investment groups wanting to launch a sports betting product.

There is however a whole spectrum of management levels offered by sports betting platform, that vary between the different companies.  This ranges from mainly independent sites that pull in odds and maybe one or two features from a provider to full white labels where everything except the branding is managed by the platform.

On this page you can find all of the major sports betting platforms used by mainstream new online bookmakers.  These guides will help you to understand what betting sites run on managed platforms and who those providers are, what levels of services are available and who is responsible for your money, licensing and regulation and more.