Betting Platforms

platformsMost new betting companies do not create their own sites from scratch like in the early days of online bookmaking.  Back then to create a new brand required them to build an entirely bespoke platform, populate it with odds and features, provide payment systems, customer services, etc.   They would then need a lot of staff and resources to manage the product.

As you can imagine that costs a lot of money, which is why for a long time the number of sites you could bet with were fairly limited.  That was until third party platforms appeared offering a managed solution where they would provide the basic infrastructure and then the betting company could choose how independent they wanted to be.

The ability to use a third-party platform has produced an explosion of new betting sites in recent years.  The lower start-up costs, reduced staff requirements and out-of-the-box ready nature made access to the remote gambling industry far easier for start-ups, existing casino brands, independent high street bookies and investment groups wanting to launch a sports betting product.

There is however a whole spectrum of management levels offered by sports betting platform, that vary between the different companies.  This ranges from mainly independent sites that pull in odds and maybe one or two features from a provider to full white labels where everything except the branding is managed by the platform.

On this page you can find all of the major sports betting platforms used by mainstream new online bookmakers.  These guides will help you to understand what betting sites run on managed platforms and who those providers are, what levels of services are available and who is responsible for your money, licensing and regulation and more.


Altenar Logo

One of the biggest sportsbook platforms in South America, Altenar is a popular choice for new brands who want a little more help through the process of setting up their businesses.

This is actually their USP; they offer a fully managed sportsbook solution for an appealing price, and although their platform isn’t as shiny as some others with all the unnecessary but fancy bells and whistles, it’s a solid product that stands up to scrutiny.


BetConstruct Logo

A huge company operating globally, BetConstruct have been around since 2003, so they are time served and well respected in the industry.

Part of the larger SoftConstructs group, BetConstruct are extremely well equipped and offer a diverse range of services to their clients, whether they need the full service or just a few bolt on products integrating into their existing site/platform.


Betsson Logo

Betsson is a very well know company, and even operate their own sportsbook under the same name. Sadly, in 2020 they removed themselves from the UK market due to increasing regulation and the fact that not much of their revenue came from the region.

The company very much still exists elsewhere though, and have a long history going back to 1963 when they used to provide slot machines to venues. Other companies operating under the Betsson license were Betsafe and RaceBets.


BetVictor Logo

Very well known as a betting brand, with a history going back almost 100 years, BetVictor always used their own proprietary betting platform, but in 2020 they began offering it out to white labels.

This started with Parimatch, but more white labels soon joined, and given that BetVictor can boast one of the most visually appealing and powerful sportsbook interfaces out there, it’s no surprise that it has been popular.


BtoBet Logo

Owned by Aspire Global, BtoBet had an incredibly quick rise to prominence by focussing on the African, European and Latin American markets in their early years.

Now also operating in the UK, their sportsbook and player management platform is user centric, uniquely flexible, and available to their clients in various different forms. Where many platform providers simply offer a few standard interface templates, with BtoBet, much more personalisation is possible.

FSB Technology

FSB Tech Logo

An absolute giant in the technology industry, FSB have been around for a long time, launching in London in 2007. For their numerous achievements, they are now an award winning sportsbook and igaming supplier.

Their offering is vast, but crucially, they provide everything a brand could need to run an online bookmaking business from a single, scalable platform, so their clients can grow with FSB. Speaking of their clients, they can be found as far and wide as Europe, North America, and Africa.

Gaming Synergies

Gaming Synergies Logo

Although no longer active in the UK market, Gaming Synergies was used by Novibet, a popular brand that was a breath of fresh air in the UK largely because of their sportsbook platform.

They left the UK in 2022 to focus on the American market, and Gaming Synergies went with them, but it remains a high quality white label provider offering full turnkey solutions and plug in, but keeping things simple in the process. A robust platform with a minimum of fuss.


Website Build

An expensive option but one that sets a bookmaker apart from the crowd. Using an independent proprietary platform means that no other brand’s site should look anything like yours, giving better brand identity.

Brands with independent platforms also have far greater control over what their site can do, any features that are included, and can make changes quickly. It requires a lot more work, maintenance and staff to run your own site, but if you can afford to it is worthwhile.


Kambi Logo

With some of the biggest betting brands using their platform, you know Kambi are one of the best at what they do. They started life as part of the Unibet business, now known as Kindred, but broke away to forge their own path. It says a lot though that Unibet still use Kambi as their platform provider.

They are considered to be a premium sportsbook provider, Kambi invest an awful lot of money into innovation, which also makes them one of the most exciting businesses in their field.


OddsMatrix Logo

This is the sports betting wing of the company EveryMatrix, and it is able to process a colossal amount of data while providing every level of service to its clients, from integrated API solutions, data feeds, and even unique betting content.

In 2019, the UKGC suspended EveryMatrix’s license in order to investigate license breaches, at which point EveryMatrix pulled out of the B2C market in the UK, so they no longer have white labels here. Their software is still available to brands operating under their own license though.


OpenBet Logo

These guys have been around since online sport betting began, so OpenBet have had many years to gradually develop and improve the products and services they offer. Now, they do absolutely everything,

This is why industry titans like Coral and Ladbrokes work with OpenBet, because they are, quite simply, one of the very best. Smaller brands are welcome too though, with Openbet providing a full white label solution if required.

Playbook Engineering

Playbook Engineering Logo

One of the smaller companies on this list, Playbook Engineering are also a newer outfit, showcasing what they can do with their flagship brand, Rhino. However, they also have a few other brands operating under them as white labels.

These are all younger brands and that’s because Playbook Engineering aim their product at newer entrants to the market. It’s a perfect option for start ups because it is affordable, easy to use but comes with plenty of useful features in the back end, and most importantly is scalable, so the brands can grow without having to switch platforms.


Playtech Logo

Thanks to the number of customer facing products Playtech produce, they are a name bettors are more likely to recognise. Playtech supply software to some of the biggest betting brands in the industry, which shows the reputation they have.

In terms of sports betting, Playtech provides market-leading turn-key wagering solutions covering all sectors and distribution channels, from retail to mobile and online products. Their trading team can also supply data and odds feeds as a standalone product though.


ProgressPlay Logo

ProgressPlay are a huge name in the betting industry and have more than 100 sportsbook partners, but they actually provide their sportsbook product via BetConstruct, who are also on this list.

They have their own platform and software though, and can offer a full white label solution suitable for various different regions, or a standalone licensee service, allowing clients to arrange their own 3rd party providers and integrate them onto the ProgressPlay platform.

SB Tech (DraftKings)

SBTech Logo

Although now merged with the American giant, DraftKings, SB Tech still operate as an independent company, and their flair for innovation is as strong as ever.

SB Tech’s platform is exciting and engaging and packed with interesting betting features, often leading the way for other providers to follow, and giving their 1,000+ staff something to be very proud of. In-play betting is a particular strength of SB Tech’s platform.

TG Lab

TG Lab Logo

A Lithuanian outfit that keeps things simple by focussing on two product verticals, a sportsbook platform and a casino platform. That said, their clients can make bespoke requests, as well as manage multiple brands from the same platform.

They are more prevalent outside the UK, but they can offer any level of service required from bolt on products to full turnkey solutions, and they strive to offer their clients more freedom and flexibility within that than their competitors.