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gaming synergiesWhen it comes to white label sportsbook providers, Gaming Synergies has a right to be confident that it can boast some of the best technology software solutions in this ever growing and hugely popular industry.

Supporting an extensive array of clients, all eager to make a dent in the market and provide only the very best service to their millions of customers, Gaming Synergies is proud to be able to action their solutions and cater for the masses.

With a particular stronghold across Europe, the company are also starting to make their mark in other territories and are watching USA with interest as a number of states ponder over passing gambling bills, though they also retain curiosity in the Asian markets.

New Gaming Synergies Betting Sites

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How it all started

gaming synergies iconEstablished in Malta at the height of the global financial crisis in 2010, Gaming Synergies has proudly built on firm roots. A founding team which included a number of highly experienced and talented iGaming team and also a dedicated technical team with considerable exposure to the banking sector.

Ideally positioned, Malta is one of the hotbeds for iGaming, with hundreds, if not thousands of betting companies situated and headquartered there. It makes for almost the perfect place to run its operations from and this has been reflected in the partnerships that it has built up over the years and the business that it has done.

Licensed by the (MGA), Malta Gaming Authority, Gaming Synergies has its finger on the pulse when it comes to all things legislation and pays particular attention to that when working with new clients and can even put new clients in touch with licensing bodies if they are not already licensed.

Key and perhaps, also unique to the whole operation is the highly sophisticated proprietary software which means that Gaming Synergies is able to offer a wide range of services and products to the industry, especially its sportsbook package which is particularly bespoke in what it is able to offer for the customers of its clients.

At the heart of everything they do and something they place a particular emphasis on are the security of transactions, protecting the numerous amounts of data of customers and the ability for expansion via proprietary third party modules.

gaming synergies in house white label

To enable the efficient and accurate setting of odds, across a vast number of sports and markets for both pre game and in play as well as real time monitoring of competitions or events, plus the highly effective management of risks, there are a number of effective best practice and innovative algorithms that are integrated into the betting module.

This contributes significantly to a highly engaging betting experience for the customer and it is this attention to detail which makes Gaming Synergies so highly thought of and revered in the industry, among its clients, client’s customers and even its competition.

Of particular importance about why the sportsbook provision is so well thought of is because of the functionality that has been crucial to Gaming Synergies being able to provide such an engaging experience.

First Class In house White Label Service

gaming synergies solutions

One of the main concerns about the customers that a sportsbook brings in, is how the particular website will react and how fast it is. This is of high importance for customers, especially when it comes to them getting a bet through and processed in time and ensuring the website can do this, particularly when there are a lot of people doing the same thing.

Gaming Synergies’ very own and unique in house white label sportsbook is, just that. It means essentially, that clients do not have to worry about building the website themselves and hiring a full team of developers full time to build it.

The fact that the company boasts some of the best designers and technical personnel in the industry, means that they can efficiently and effectively build a fully operational sports betting website on top of their client’s own platform and implement it with considerable ease.

Because of the amount of expertise available to do this, it means that a sportsbook’s customers do not have to worry about the website crashing or not being able to process bets in time, which can be a huge frustration. Essentially, any website built using Gaming Synergies’ technology will flourish and integrate seamlessly.

What their clients also benefit from is ongoing support from Gaming Synergies which is seen as an important factor for clients, especially for them to be able to retain their own customers which is just as essential.

Sportsbook Plugin

gaming synergies sportsbook plugin

Some of Gaming Synergies clients are often sportsbook affiliate websites (websites which refer people to sportsbooks), however these may have over time built up a considerably big database of contact details.

At this point, they may make the decision to then build their own sportsbook so that they can offer this to customers and as a result keep them under their own brand. One of the great things about Gaming Synergies, is that it can facilitate this, offering their own plug in solution to these clients.

What this means is that these websites don’t even have to worry about the build – this is complicated at the best of times. Also, one of the very best bits (and even more important for the customer), is that Gaming Synergies provides licensing options and also a wide range of payment methods to ensure the very best experience for their customers.

Essential Payment Integration

gaming synergies self hosted white label

Handily, Gaming Synergies has a very knowledgeable presence when it comes to banking with a specialist and dedicated technical team in place who understand every single intricacy when it comes to financial transactional technology.

Banking has become a hugely important factor for sportsbooks and online casinos. Not just banking as a whole, but as technology develops and more options and banking methods become widely available across multiple industries, Gaming Synergies can boast of having the inside track.

Thanks to experts who have roots in the industry, they are able to reflect this in the offering to their clients and integrate all of the very latest banking and transactional methods into the websites that they offer to their clients, which in turn makes them more attractive to their customers.

While the traditional credit and debit card methods remain an ever present and will invariably continue to do so, Gaming Synergies’ very well connected banking technologists are able to offer integration of the latest methods.

These include being able to provide access to the very popular paybymobile feature which allows client’s customers to be able to deposit funds via their mobile phone and then add them to their mobile phone bill every month.

Furthermore, when it comes to payment gateways and wallets such as Neteller and Skrill or even PayPal, Gaming Synergies can just as easily provide the tools to be able to integrate this into their offering.

As such, due to their credibility in this space, they also know that financial security is of paramount importance, especially in the iGaming industry, where sensitive details are so often freely given, without much aforethought, due to the nature of the urgency of the customer to perhaps place an enticing bet.

Encompassing SSL encryption technology for every one of the sites that it provides, this key piece of software protects customer details as well as ensuring that financial transactions can be made seamlessly and above all securely.

Endless Future Opportunities

With so much possible for Gaming Synergies and also backed up by a very strong technical team, the future throws up some very interesting options.

While their white label service continues to grow significantly on an annual basis, but also in line with industry trends and augmentation, many possible partnerships could be in the offing. The future is certainly has an air Maltese optimism!