SB Tech (DraftKings)

sb techThe global financial crisis was one which happened in other industries; while most businesses were going into liquidation with banks calling in loans, the gambling industry showed that it was built on more than a house of cards.

So in 2007 when what would gradually emerge to become a titan in this sphere, launched with strategic caution in mind, they must have been all too aware of the odds.

In the great California Gold Rush during the middle of the 19th Century, it was said that, it wasn’t the gold miners who made the most money, but the ones “selling the spades”. In other words, it was the businessmen who secured the contracts to supply the expertise or machinery to extract it from the ground.

It is perfectly obvious to those who pay attention; SB Tech sold the shovels, almost tapping into a niche within a niche and taking the world of gaming software a step further.

Not only content to develop and supply the games and slots to established online casinos and sportsbooks, they took it a step further.

In 2020 SB Tech merged with DraftKings but retains it’s independence as a company.

New SB Tech Betting Sites

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Innovating the Landscape of Betting Technology

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With innovation firmly at the heart of everything they do, SB Tech essentially created a new market with themselves leading the way. By providing every tool that anyone thinking of creating a new sportsbook or online casino could possibly imagine, they almost reimagined the term ‘white label’.

An emphasis on pure versatility, SB Tech caters for every kind of need; should you wish to launch your own sportsbook, they provide complete templates that can be leased, from front end website skins, software engines that provide and process the odds seamlessly, across every kind of market imaginable.

This means that instead of designing and developing one yourself or sourcing and hiring a team to do so, clients (new sportsbooks) can leverage the sophisticated technology that is available.

What this allows is for the sportsbook to primarily concentrate on the marketing of the platform and customer acquisition (although SB Tech do provide these services tailored to each individual sportsbook).

Naturally, one of the main concerns of any customers who use white label sportsbooks is surrounding the security of their personal details, because the platform has been leased. However, unless you know what to look out for as a customer or you know for sure, it is very unlikely that you will be able to tell whether the sportsbook you are using is a white label.

With regards to security though, SB Tech take this very seriously themselves and their products in fact are monitored and checked on a regular basis by the relevant authorities such as the appropriate gambling commissions. This ensures that all of their products that are available for commercial use are safe and secure. SB Tech, even though based in Bulgaria, are granted an overseas license by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) with all of their activities watched closely.

With its trailblazing technology understood to cover and cater for more than 60,000 sporting events every month and also featuring in excess of 30 different sports as well as providing fixtures across over 150 football and/or soccer leagues and/or competitions, this powerful software collaboration packs a punch and is comprehensively unparalleled in the market.

Fantastic Features Transforms the Experience

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In essence, what this basically translates to is that, anyone who uses a platform which is run on SB Tech products has straightforward access to some of the most sought-after features in the world of sports betting.

With a considerable focus on user experience, SB Tech prides itself on being one of the best companies in the industry that provides this via its products and commits large amounts of investment on a continuous basis towards ensuring that its clients customers are happy.

This couldn’t be anymore obvious from the awards and recognition that the behemoth has received for its committed dedication to being the best. Having previously won the ‘Innovation In-Play’ award, at the EGR B2B Awards, this really sums up the culture and philosophy of SB Tech as a workplace, where creativity is at the centre of its practices.

Each operator that is powered by SB Tech, such as NetBet and SkyBet in Germany, offers its customers a plethora of highly stimulating and exciting ‘fast markets’ covering literally hundreds of events all day, every day across multiple regions, also providing ‘in-play’ technology.

“Increase the Trajectory of Delivery”

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When COO, Dave Hammond took up his role in late 2018 upon leaving PaddyPower as B2B Divisions Director, it is clear what his plan and ambitions for 2019 would be for the technology giant:

“Firstly, it’s key to understand SBTech has already had huge success with its innovative platform and agile culture,” Hammond said upon his appointment.

“My main goal is to make sure we continue to scale and increase the trajectory of delivery and success for our partners.

“We are a truly global business, with a coverage of products many other businesses should be envious of. How we maximise our team’s innovation and development to entertain end users will be crucial for our continued success, and a major focus for me from the get-go.”

Speaking about the improvements that he would be looking to implement, Hammond continued:

“I believe everything can be improved in any business, but SBTech is strong across the board. We have invested heavily in quality and quantity in every area from people, technology, infrastructure through to marketing, support and, of course, product.

“How these areas all interact and share their collective knowledge and analytical learnings will help drive the future waves of success for SBTech. This is a real focal point for me personally.

“Allowing people to be successful and drive their units based around common beliefs and proven best practices is a simple, but crucial way, of ensuring ongoing market leading offerings.”

This high end functionality ensures that punters are able to place bets on events that unfold at a considerably fast rate with the guarantee that these are settled in a matter of seconds.

It applies across any sport, including football/soccer such as who will score the next goal, tennis whereby punters can bet on the outcome of the next point, game or set and even basketball games which move at an almost lightening fast rate.

One of the best components of this technological feature is that there is a slick user interface provided, which is well designed, highly functional and particularly engaging. As part of its ‘In-Play’ feature, SB Tech also offers a graphical representation of live match and/or event statistics, so the customer can make a well informed decision about whether to place a bet.

Prime In-Play Product

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It is SB Tech’s live betting module, that is in actual fact, considered by many to be its most powerful tool in the system, with any gaming operation understood to be perfectly placed distinctively on the market.

Virtually impossible for sportsbook customers to tell that they are using technology that is being leased, with the live betting platform incorporating unique algorithms which trigger immediate action on a real time basis. This helps to achieve the target profit margins

Equipped with an ability to handle an average of 200 games every day as well as in excess of 6000 games globally on a monthly basis, the technology in the platform facilitates more than 30 types of bets all which can be wagered across over 15 live sports. This particular product can be integrated with a sportsbook or actually be used on an individual and standalone basis!

While a lot of companies find the marketing side fun, SB Tech offers tailored packages to its sportsbook clients which includes promotions. These are some of the most exciting elements in marketing as it helps to entice customers and boost acquisition considerably.

The great thing about promotions, is that they can generate an influx of customers at any one time, through a particular online offer, though thanks to the agile technology provided by SBTech, this can cater comfortably for a high volume, also allowing 10s of thousands of bets to be placed at once.

Due to the company being a huge fan of mobile development and understanding that more and more customers prefer to use handheld devices for their gambling experience, the amount of emphasis that SB Tech places on its mobile technology is emphasised by its incorporation of a GPS tracker in its software. This prevents the possibility of access from locations which are unauthorised by law and enables activity to be monitored more closely.

What really stands out though, is the stunning bonus offering that has been developed for the company’s clients. Having a competitive edge in this industry is what operators strive for and customers are always on the lookout for the best offers. The diverse amount that SB Tech have mean that sportsbooks can choose the ones that are best suited to their target market and are able to use the platform in order to toggle and configure each one accordingly!

Furthermore, the mobile product that it has brought to the market, not only meets industry expectations and the necessary criteria that is required, but it is also renowned for its easy to use functionality.

One thing in particular that punters will find when using a sportsbook that applies SBTech technology is the sheer robustness of the platform. It can process over 500 bets per second, while handling an unlimited amount of users at once and still run smoothly.

Bright Future

sb tech contactWith SB Tech firmly established as one of the leading and most prominent sportsbook technology suppliers, it is obvious that they are looking ahead to the future of what could be a changing landscape, with its new COO at the helm.

“It would be naïve to think that by the end of 2023 current products and player behaviours would not have changed in a quantum measure from where we the offering is today,” Hammond said.

“The betting industry and especially SBTech’s multi territory operations, has such a volume of data which will allow us to expand data scientist teams creating AI and ML projects which will transform the way we create and morph our offerings”

“Consumer technology and available data points within sports will continuously develop. This means the richness of product offering will have to expand to keep our customers engaged in betting while enjoying the sports experience,” he expanded.

“This is a key focus for SBTech to continue to lead in this area and drive the market depth and customer interaction of our offering.”

The merger with DraftKings in 2020 also provides SB Tech with many more resources than they had previously and critically access to the very lucrative US market.