Are Super Bet Boosts Good Value?

boostSome companies call them Super Boosts or Super Price Boosts. Others refer to them as Turbo Prices or Power Prices. Whatever they’re called, they represent an opportunity for people to get some good value out of their bookmaker, provided they only take advantage of them in certain circumstances.

If you were going to bet on a market anyway and it has been boosted, there is no doubt that it offers incredible value. If, on the other hand, you weren’t even considering betting on a specific market and have just noticed that something that you weren’t going to bet on has been boosted, there is no value to be found.

One of the most important things that you can do as bettor is to research and evaluate every single wager that you place. This means that you don’t act on ‘instinct’ or because you have ‘a feeling’, instead only placing bets when you are confident in what it is that you’re betting on.

This certainly does not mean that you will definitely win your bet, of course, just that you know why you’re placing it. Super Boosts are there to tempt you into placing a bet on something that you don’t necessarily know much about, so you should only do so if you’ve either already done or are willing to do the research.

What Are Super Boosts?

super boost example
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Whatever name you call it by, a Super Boost, which is how we’ll refer to it in this article for the sake of ease, are essentially enhanced odds taken to another level.

They are über enhanced, sometimes by as much as 100% or more, which can only be seen as a good thing by many. Essentially, it is a decision taken by bookmakers to offer you even better value for your bet than you were getting before. Imagine a world in which the normal odds were, say, Evens. In a boosted offer that would be increased to 6/4, maybe. Meanwhile a price with a Super Boost would be 5/2.

There are some things that you need to know about Super Boosts, up to and including the fact that they will have a maximum stake added to them. This maximum stake will differ from company to company and possibly even within the same company depending on the offer.

As long as you’ve placed your wager using cash from your balance, it will be paid out as cash should your Super Boost selection be a winner. If, on the other hand, you use free bets or other promotions to place a Super Boost wager then the likelihood is that only part of that will be returned to you as cash.

The Value Of Super Boosts

scales illustration with price and value on each sideThe main question that many will have about Super Boosts, which is why we’ve written this article, is whether or not they offer good value. The answer depends entirely on whether a Super Boost is being offered on a market that you were planning to bet on in the first place.

Imagine a scenario in which you were logging on to your betting account to place a bet on Liverpool beating Manchester United in the Premier League. The normal odds are Evens, but the Super Boost is offering you odds of 2/1. It goes without saying that that presents you with excellent value.

Now imagine a different scenario. You’ve logged on to place a bet on Liverpool beating Manchester United and placed your wager as normal. Then you notice that there is a Super Boost on the 1.30pm race at Cheltenham. You don’t know much about horse racing but the fact that you’ve seen the Super Boost catches your attention.

The problem is, your lack of knowledge about horse racing means that you have absolutely no idea whether that is a good value offer or not. If you choose to place the best just because it’s been boosted, it is not good value.

Don’t Change Your Normal Betting Habits

calculating markets and margins bookies exchangesTurbo prices and super enhanced odds are offered by bookmakers in part to make you like them in the hope you will show loyalty to them.  They are often loss leaders (i.e. they will make a loss overall if the bet wins) but it is often worth it for the bookies if that means you are more likely to place other bets with them.

Another reason why bookmakers offer Super Boosts and similar is that they want people to be tempted to place wagers that they wouldn’t normal place just because the price has been boosted. Bookies, believe it or not, are not naturally generous people and tend to dislike giving away money. Anyone that has ever had their account limited after having won a few times will be able to tell you that. In fact, bookmakers are the opposite of generous and actually want to take as much money from you as they possibly can.

The result of this attitude is that they try to find new ways to entice customers into placing bets that they might not usually place. By offering a Super Boost, bookies hope that they’ll convince you to place a wager on a market that you know little to nothing about in the future.  Of course, the Boost on offer itself will be good value relative to the standard odds and it might win.  The problem is if this is on say, baseball, and you know nothing about baseball but winning the boost makes you start betting on baseball then the bookie is more likely to win and you are more likely to lose overall.

They know that the worst customers for them are the ones that research and study their markets before placing a wager, whilst the best are the ones that make snap decisions based on ‘feelings’ and emotions rather than facts. The Super Boost is designed to capture your attention in markets that you wouldn’t normally look at.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and the market that the Super Boost is offered on will be one that you were planning to place a bet on anyway. When that happens, you should simply smile and place the bet that you were going to place in the first pace. That even includes the stake, which you shouldn’t increase just because the odds have been given a Super Boost. In other words, don’t change your betting habits simply because there is an offer in place that you want to take advantage of. Instead, stick to your guns and be grateful for the increased odds you’re getting.

That doesn’t mean that you should only bet on things if there isn’t a Super Boost. If you login to your chosen betting account and you see that there is a Super Boost on a market that you don’t know, you can employ all of the habits that you’ve put in place in other areas of your betting to ensure that the wager that you place has added value.

That is to say, if you are still willing to do the same amount of research and thought about the bet that you normally would, learning about the market, then you can take advantage of the offer from a better place than not knowing anything about the market.