About NewBettingSites.co

new betting sitesThe chances are if you are reading this page you are looking for a new site to bet with, if that is true you’ve come to the right place.  We list every major new betting site launched with a UK gambling licence, fully vetting each brand first to ensure they are good enough to be included in our lists.

Things have changed in recent years, previously to become a new online bookmaker you needed to lay out huge resources up front, to pay for things like a platform to run on, odds traders to create your odds and all the other things needed to run an independent bookie.  Nowadays however new brands can be set up in almost no time, using third party platforms and service providers to run their products.

Many of these new brands do not even hold their own gambling licenses, rather the platform does everything for them, including managing the funds and compliance, these are known as white labels.  There is nothing wrong with a white label as such but they do come and go with worrying frequency, therefore it really does help to know who the serious new brands against the skins looking to make a quick buck.

On our pages we show you many different types of new betting sites to suit a range of customers and their needs.  Whether you are looking for a new independent site, a European focused brand, a niche site, or a more modern product, we will have a site for you.  If you are looking for details of how to bet online see our betting FAQ.

How Do We List New Betting Sites?

testing sitesOur principle aim is to let you know what is going on in the online betting world but we don’t add new sites the second they are launched.  Rather we wait a while to check new brands are all above board as we know there are many teething problems when new sites first come out.

Sites are listed in the order we add them, with newer listings at the top.  This order may differ slightly from the order in which they were established but this is only to allow us to properly vet sites first to make sure they are good enough.

Some new sites are spin offs of existing established companies, meaning they are generally more complete on initial launch.  Others are brand new independent sites that take a little while longer to test.  Finally white labels and those running on third-party platforms can take the longest to be listed as we first need to ensure the company has integrity and longevity.

We don’t tend to list:

  • Flash in the pan, poorly funded white labels
  • Sites with no trading history
  • Brands that are linked to companies that have in the past failed our vetting procedure
  • Non-UK licensed operators

Some Not So New Sites

improved sitesSome of the sites we list may have been around for some time but are worthy of consideration for the following reasons:

  • Sites that originally failed vetting but have since cleaned up their act and are not good enough to be listed.
  • Re-launches, especially those sites bought by a new company.
  • New sportsbooks that spin off from existing casinos.
  • Brands that have been around for a while but have only recently acquired a UK license and moved into the UK market.
  • Sites that move to a new platform, these will be entirely different under the bonnet.

We also know that ‘new’ is a relative term that depends on your starting position.  Therefore as part of our aim to list a variety of options to suit a range of punters we list sites that we feel will be new to a typical online punter.

Platforms and White Labels

platformsMost new sites these days do not design their own platform or run their own odds in house, this is one of the biggest start up costs for a new company and there are now many very good sportsbook platforms out there that comes ready made.

New sites, in the main, will pay a fee to use a dedicated existing platform, such as SBtech, and will then choose which features, banking options, promotions, games, markets, etc., that they would like to have.  This is one of the reasons why online betting is so competitive these days, as you no longer need to be a multi-million existing company to enter the market.  This means more competition in the industry, driving value and innovation while also giving more choice for the user.

There are different levels of integration depending on what new companies want.  This ranges from full white labels where the provider does everything for you, including the legal stuff like holding the gambling licenses, the customer funds, running the payments, customer service, etc.; to sites that still do most things in house but will use the platform for the markets and odds.

In general white labels are basically clones of each other, with some styling and promotional differences.  Other sites that have their own licenses but run on third party providers however may look the same but the greater freedom to chose features, markets and services means underneath these are very different to each other.  This can be hard to spot on the surface, hence why we tell you about the set up of every site we list.   You can read about all the major platforms and various levels of integration on our platforms pages.

Free Bets and Bonuses

free betsFree bets and bonuses are part and parcel of the online betting industry, and in fact one of the biggest reasons people sign up to new companies.   Online gambling businesses have relatively low overheads and so can afford to provide generous incentives for you to play.  Sites that are new to the market also tend to provide very good intial offers to get themselves noticed among the crowd.

It is worth noting however that while many groups let you claim bonuses with all of their sites, there are some that will restrict how many introductory offers you can claim through a series of linked sites.  We therefore list who owns each brand that we cover, if you’ve previously bet with another brand owned by the same group it is worth checking first that you are eligible.

We also list our bonuses in British pounds (GBP) but many of these deals are also available in Euros (Eur), US Dollars (USD) and many other currencies.

Finally we list all significant terms in line with UK advertising laws and guidelines. It is important you read these terms so that you understand in advance what you are claiming.  These terms state what you need to to to qualify, how long you have to activate or use an offer, what payment method or locations are restricted and other major conditions.  We also link directly to a full copy of the terms and conditions on the operator website, and we recommend you look through these before committing to signing up.

UK Licensed – But Other Players Welcome

uk licensedEvery site we list at NewBettingSites.co has a UK gambling commission license.  You can check the status of any specific operator by searching on the Gambling Commission website.

The reason we choose to only list UK licensed brands is due to the fact that gambling is fully legal in the United Kingdom and is strictly regulated by its own independent body.  The terms of a license stipulate that operators must provide an honest, open and fair product and ensures that customer funds are protected away from the operators own accounts.

Licensing helps to protect vulnerable groups of people and those under 18 years old.  To posses a license operators are required to perform money laundering checks, to prevent the industry being used for the proceeds of crime, and verification of customers to ensure they know who is betting and with what funds.  They are also obliged to ensure safe and responsible gambling with various tools, such as self-exclusion and deposit limits, to help people manage their betting.

Operating in the UK also means brands must adhere to various advertising regulations, this prevents companies from misleading punters or advertising to the wrong groups of people.

Therefore we feel having a UK license is a very good thing for users and that is why we have chosen to only recommend UK licensed sites. However, many of the sites we list also accept players from around the world, especially other European countries, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries and territories.

Age, Name and Address Verification

18+Laws in the UK mean that sites must verify who you are before you can gamble.  This is partly to ensure you are over 18 and allowed to bet by law, and partly to ensure you are who you say you are and that you are gambling with your own funds not those of someone else.

It can be annoying to have to go through verification each time but it is designed ultimately to create a safe and open industry.

When you join a site you will be asked for a form of ID (a driving license or passport) and a proof of address (driving license, bank statement or utility bill).  You will need to provide these now before you can bet and therefore it is worth bearing this in mind if you need to wager on event coming up soon it helps to get verification done straight away.

Betting companies are also obliged to keep your data secure and encrypted so there is almost no chance of your documents falling into the wrong hands.

If you also try to deposit or withdraw significant funds you may be asked to go through additional checks, again this is a legal requirement of the license so that operators can check there is no money laundering going on and that you are betting with money that belongs to you.

Want To Tell Us About A New Site?

we are listeningIf work for or advertise for a new betting brand, group or platform that has recently launched, or is about to launch, and you would like to be considered for listing then you can let us know about it.

Before getting in touch please note you must have a UK gambling license to be considered.  There are also no guarantees we will feature a brand and all new sites must pass vetting procedures first.