What is the Bet365 6 Scores Challenge

What is the Bet365 6 Scores Challenge and How to Play?

Anyone out there who considers themselves to be a bit of a football prediction genius, this one is for you.

Bet365 are arguably the biggest and best bookie in the world, and their 6 Scores Challenge promotion is quite a flex from them which certainly backs this up.

The promotion itself is simple enough, there’s nothing ground breaking about it, but the prizes on offer?


There’s £1,000,000 up for grabs if you get all 6 scores right, and smaller prizes for fewer correct predictions too.

What’s more, this promo runs weekly and it’s free to play, so Bet365 customers who are not yet taking part are leaving a lot of value on the table.

So what is this 6 Scores Challenge and how does it work? Read on, and you’ll be clued up in about 3 minutes.

How to Play the Bet365 6 Score Challenge

You just need to accurately predict the correct score for 6 Premier League games. I say ‘just’, it’s incredibly hard to do, but as a concept it’s pretty basic.

It’s blissfully easy to take part in the challenge too, just find your way to the promotions page and there will be a link – I don’t need to talk you through that bit.

Once you get onto the 6 Score Challenge page, you’ll see something like this:

How to Play Bet365 6 Scores Challenge

The games you need to predict the scores of have been chosen for you by Bet365, so all you need to do is adjust the scores to whatever you think the most likely result will be.

To adjust the scores you use the up and down arrows:

How to Make Predictions Bet365 6 Scores Challenge

This is different to betting because it’s free, so you aren’t looking for value, you just want the most likely outcome. In other words, don’t try and be clever, just do some research on current form and recent head to heads, take note of any injuries or other prescient information, and go from there.

Once you are happy with your predictions, hit the ‘Save Your Predictions’ button and your game is set.

Save Predictions Bet365 6 Scores Challenge

Once you’ve done this the page will offer you odds on the predictions you made, either all together or individually, but you don’t need to take those bets unless you really want to.

You can go back in and edit your predictions too if you start to doubt yourself, just head back to the page and it will be how you left it. Scroll to the bottom and you will see this:

Edit Predictions Bet365 6 Scores Challenge

You can do this up until the first match starts, there’s a counter showing how much time is left until it kicks off.

Prizes and Terms

6 Scores Challenge Prizes and Terms

This really is one of the best free promotions in the industry at the moment if you ask me.

The prizes on offer are as follows:

  • 6 Correct Scores – £1,000,000
  • 5 Correct Scores – £20,000
  • 4 Correct Scores – £10,000
  • 3 Correct Scores – £5,000

Now that looks incredible, and it is, but be aware that if there is more than one person who gets 3 or more correct predictions, then the correlating amount of prize money is split between them equally.

So if 2 people got 4 correct scores they would split the £10,000 prize and get £5,000 each, not the full £10,000 each.

The chances of more than 1 person guessing all 6 scores correctly in the same week are pretty slim, but those smaller prizes may well get hit by a few different players in the same week.

As for the terms, they are really straightforward for this one, basically just saying that Bet365 can pull the promotions whenever they like, and don’t have to make it available to everyone. Standard stuff really.