Ladbrokes First to Break ASA Marketing Rules

You may or may not know, but since October 1st 2022 it has been against Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) rules for gambling marketing to include high profile individuals who may appeal to minors. There is no set list of who is and isn’t included in this rule, but understandably professional footballers are among them –…

PaddyPower TV Advert Banned After 3 Complaints

Paddy Power have received another slapped wrist for one of their TV ads, becoming the latest in a long line of banned commercials. While it’s true that the famously tongue in cheek bookie have overstepped the mark in the past (the transgender spotting advert in 2012 was a real clanger) this latest ban seems overcautious….

Ladbrokes Ad Banned for Being Socially Irresponsible

Anyone watching the telly after 9pm during April may have caught the Ladbrokes ad in question before it was taken off the air. Although the ad originally passed checks and made it onto the TV in the first place, a complaint from a member of the public made the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) look again….